tim carrier : needcoffee creative, portfolio of tim carrier

Brooks Brothers | 2007-2008, 2011

FOR : Semi-annual Sale email - gif animations | 2011
DID : Design and animation.

FOR : Black Fleece Launch | 2007
DID : Design and animation.

freelance | 2007

FOR : Star Crossed Pictures | 2007
DID : Title animation for broadcast viewing.

FOR : Magnani Caruso Dutton | 2005 - 6
DID : a collaboration for The Partnership for a Drugfree America DXM abuse campaign. Provided storyboards; character development, production, and animation with sound effects mixing to be integrated into a site designed by MCD.

FOR : Planned Parenthood Federation of America | 2005 - 6
DID : all illustrated gestures, scenes, animation, and flash production.

third mind, llc | 2003 - 2005 //

FOR : Pantone.com
DID : animated introduction for the concept of the birthday color; also developed the site DESIGN. Animation was dynamically produced for variable colors; animation cannot be viewed at this moment.

FOR : Third Mind
DID : illustrations, title, interface, animation, and script development for their 2004 holiday greetings.

freelance | 2001 - 2003 //

FOR : Third Mind
DID : layouts which contributed to digital storyboards, and the animation for Redbook's email campaign.

FOR : Third Mind
DID : storyboards, layouts, and an animated intro for Gourmet's marketing site.

FOR : Star Crossed Pictures
DID : illustrated animation for television identification.

FOR : sister's birthday
DID : this is an example of birthday greetings for friends and family; in this case, my sister's birthday.

FOR : bug
DID : a personal exercise in motion style and action script.

<kpe> | 1999 - 2001

FOR : MicroSoft
DID : storyboards based on Modern Humorist's script; some character illustration, all background illustration; animated entire first clip, art directed remaining campaign production. This animation series describes the life of Clippy after OfficeXP.

FOR : iKena
DID : an illustrated story demonstrating the concept of iKena; soundtrack mixed from instrumental soundFX's.

FOR : valence issue 1 | view example
DID : first issue of valence, designers experiments based on the issue's theme. the issue's ad was responsible for the main portal that lead to each designer's project.

FOR : valence issue 2 | view example
DID : an artsy article completely produced with animated gifs -- NO FLASH at all -- a technical requirement by this issue's editor.

FOR : <kpe>
DID : an animated intro for the National Geographic site pitch.

AGENCY.COM | 1995 - 1998

FOR : MetLife.com
DID : my very first flash animation that was part of a series explaining the annuity; this is the only episode of the series that i could locate. BE PREPARED: there is a soundtrack with no volume control and it is loud; so turn down your volume.