tim carrier : needcoffee creative, portfolio of tim carrier

Art Director | Brooks Brothers 2011 - 2012

Cooperative development of marketing goals promoting the brand and retail events; developed ecommerce templates; art directed image photo shoots for some marketing messages.

Art Director | Jones New York 2008 - 2011

Continued and evolved marketing goals promoting the brand and retail events within developing ecommerce templates; art directed product images shoots; managed image assets.

Web Designer | Brooks Brothers 2007 - 2008

Continued marketing goals promoting the brand and retail events within developing ecommerce templates.

freelance | 2007

For : GypsyTailwinds
Did : Logo development

For : Rumble Pool
Did : Logo development

For : MCD Partners | 2006
Did : Logo sketches for Nick Jr.

For : Timely Entertainment
Did : Logo, brand, and site development.

For : Land Of Lello | 2005
Did : Logo design based on artist's brush strokes

For : Catalyst Group Design
Did : provided aesthetic templates for CNN/Money.com that inspired them to work on their own spin. In the end, cnn.money.com has an incredible improvement compared to their previous site.

For : The Fair Network
Did : refined the logo; developed site design and header illustration; and produced site templates for client maintenance.

For : Global Media Strategies
Did : developed branding, site design, and site templates; provided stationery templates.

third mind, llc | 2003 - 2005

For : Pantone.com
Did : flash site design based on product design, and worked with a flash developer for the production; also developed the intro ANIMATION.

For : Pantone.com
Did : developed and designed editorial feel for the first issue online "color in culture" venue.

For : GQ
Did : designed, illustrated, and produced a flash calendar of events.

For : Pantone.com
Did : designed layouts for a flash interface presenting color combination chips; worked with a flash developer for the production.

freelance | 2001 - 2003

For : DIAM International
Did : template designs for an online project management tool; later produced templates for their public international site.

For : Showtime
Did : micro-site template designs for the premium channel series' first season.

For : my portfolio : version 3
Did : the return to an illustrative presentation... yes, for this version, i recycled.

<kpe> | 1999 - 2001

For : <kpe>
Did : portal screen design for OptOnline site pitch; account granted and designs were further developed by another team within <kpe>.

For : Sony.com
Did : created and art directed pitch designs, art directed creative rounds and final design.

For : SonyStyle.com
Did : pitch designs, creative round designs, and art directed final approach. Also involved with prephase, or probational, design for the Electronics section of SonyStyle.

For : COSMO girl : uk
Did : developed and co-art directed pitch designs for the UK site; site design granted and developed by another team within <kpe>.

For : ESSENCE.com
Did : designed temporary home screen and content screen templates as a first of two phased project; worked on pitch design for the second phase.

freelance | 1998 - 1999

For : Ponoi
Did : branding, template designs, and site production.

Did : template designs for a business-to-business venue.

For : first portfolio
Did : self promotion site featured by a coffee theme... hmmm, go figure.

AGENCY.COM | 1995 - 1998

For : nike
Did : designed and produced mini-site promoting the Brazilian National Team.

For : Urban Desires
Did : designed many articles within the several bi-monthly launches of this culture-zine.

For : MetLife.com
Did : started as production artist for the first version of metlife.com; pitched and developed creative for the second version; further art directed later developments. This version of the site, and its animations, had to be approved by the late Charles Schultz.