tim carrier : needcoffee creative, portfolio of tim carrier

FOR : My son | 2011 - 2017
DID : Started with creating his own illustrated alphabet that still needs to be completed (look at the letter 'U'). With economy in mind, there is an Etsy shop. Yes, the name needs work but when you encounter a huge market of the same product, names become limited.

FOR : Luciar | 2012
DID : CD illustration and design

FOR : Brooks Brothers
DID : incorporated found art for article title images

FOR : Close 2 Death | 2008
DID : site illustration and design.

FOR : Catalyst Group Design | 2006
DID : "We're Moving" card illustration and layout.

FOR : Third Mind | 2006
DID : Holiday card illustration and layout.

FOR : Luciar | 2005-6
DID : Luciar logo; cd label, insert design; postcard; poster; tee-shirt.

FOR : The Story Village | 2005
DID : illustrated logo.

FOR : by billy | 2005
DID : League of American Theatres & Producers black and white illustration for the Broadway Under the Stars summer event.

FOR : PANTONE | 2005
DID : character, scenes, and interface illustrations for a game/FAQ unit.

FOR : personal holiday card | 2004
DID : continuing from previous years, our character makes another attempt of sledding. the holiday card is developed in a mini-comic book form.

FOR : personal holiday card | 2003
DID : first issue of the comic book form holiday greeting inspired by the character in a previous year.

FOR : Third Mind | 2003
DID : illustration and layout for their holiday greeting.

FOR : PANTONE | 2003
DID : illustration art directed by PANTONE's online agency, third mind. the story incorporated product promotions during their summer sale.

FOR : S4K | 2003
DID : illustrated renditions of the company's puppet cast for their online presence in 2003-2005

FOR : Friends tying the knot | 2003
DID : illustration and layout for their favors.

FOR : LifeCare | 2002
DID : product rendering for package development.

FOR : calendar | 2002
DID : as a spare time project, a development of an illustrated calendar; here is September and the god of wine. in my calendar, there are only 7.5 months where October was a quick sketch until i developed something more thoughtful; simple became too busy, which is good, to finish.

FOR : YaYa | 2002
DID : illustration incorporated in a site pitch for Jeep.

FOR : mona | 2002
DID : an illustration as an excuse to learn dhtml.

FOR : personal holiday card | 2001
DID : playing on the idea why one holiday follows another.

FOR : <kpe> | 2001
DID : in the last days as an art director at <kpe>, illustration for potential site style, and mood prop for presentation.

FOR : personal holiday card | 2000
DID : the character that started it all and created the results seen above.

FOR : jar labels | 2000
DID : then girlfriend, now wife, made the jam and i made the labels -- an annual tradition.

FOR : musical promotion | 1999
DID : a short musical of a real person and her mathematical theory.

FOR : Scope with BlueMarble NYC | 1999
DID : because of the previous success, another campaign with more mature characters and story. same process as before.

FOR : Scope with BlueMarble NYC | 1999
DID : pencil sketch storyboards based on a script from the Art Director; character development and rendering for animation; props and backgrounds.

FOR : Jad Abumrad | 1999
DID : pencil, watercolor, and monoprint sketches as well as this digital illustration for the book cover; never published.

DID : an illustration where animals are the metaphor for the types of business models.

FOR : Johnny Rockets | 1998
DID : an illustrated website produced in 1998 that featured an animated splash screen; this was my first freelance project where I felt I knew a lot; and learned that I needed to learn more.

DID : three illustrations for a business presentation; unfortunately this is the only surviving image.